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A Couple Rave Reviews in 2017

August 1, 2017 

Hands down the best Pizzeria in Southeast Michigan.  

My family and myself have been going to Pia’s for 50 years. Best Italian food around. We have had not only dinners but Grad parties, Birthday’s, reunions, New years parties etc. – Gene Olson

April 12, 2017


I remember coming to Pia’s for as long as I can remember!!! My parents took me here my entire life growing up. I know my father before me was coming here as well his entire family – as they lived and grew up in Taylor as well. I always remember the atmosphere – just a touch of romantic, very Italian feeling, but very soft and subtle lighting. Then that PIZZA!! I remember the cheese just stringing from the whole pizza and my slice as I grabbed it from the platter to my plate!! I never remembered any other pizza being so real and stringy – it was delicious and it told me the cheese and the ingredients were very much real and authentic. Then lastly – I remember – usually as we went out to pay (or carry out) – The sign from one room to another… It read something along the lines of “Watcha You Step!” Even though it may sound a bit stereotypical – It was so very funny!! I remembered my mother laughing about it every time we saw it… I believe that sign is long gone physically – but it will always be in my memories of Pia’s past. My extended family still comes to Pia’s from time-to-time. Now, with me living out-of-state, I don’t get there so often. When I an opportunity comes up – and I want that wonderful Pizza from my youth – I will stop in and relive it all again!! Thank you!! – Robert Magyar

5-star review


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