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Some Great Reviews in 2018

February, 2018

Vince G 5-star
It’s no mystery why Pia’s has been around forever. They some of the best pizza around. I usually order an antipasto salad as well, and it’s one of the best I’ve had. They also have a large room in the back for parties. I highly recommend.

Elle Miles 5-star
The ONLY italian restaruant I will go to! Their food is AMAZING!!

Elizabeth Grutza 5-star 
Love the food here! Huge fan of getting my food the Pia way!

Gary Powell 5-star
Excellent food pretty waitresses nice decor…i would defiantly go back

John Baugh  5-star
Excellent food. Delicious gnocchi!

Rita Gessner  5-star
This is one of the best always great service!

Wendi Welbes 5-star January 2018
Love the ravioli, and the bread is great. This restaurant has both coke and Pepsi products so if one person has to have Pepsi and one coke both can be happy.


5-star review


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