To all our loyal customers who we love dearly…

To all our loyal customers who we love dearly…

We just wanted to answer a couple remarks that have been posted recently on our reviews and in-box messages … we want to ensure to keep our loyal customers.

When ordering specialty salads or dinners, a basket of rolls is included.  If you only order a pizza or just side salads, rolls are not included. We do not bring rolls out for free, we never have.  It is difficult to respond to questions without details so hope this covers questions about charges for rolls. Rolls are only $2.45 for a basket.  We try doing everything we can to keep our costs down for all our loyal customers.  Being an independent restaurant it is very difficult.  Sometimes we are compared to lets say “Texas Roadhouse” where they are constantly bringing you the bread baskets which customers think are for free but its all incorporated in their pricing. They also have the back-up of the other 100 restaurants, meaning if one does poorly the other jumps in to help with profits.

We have also had some bad remarks concerning our dessert ware policy.  Can you imagine a busy night with a wait at the door. We accommodate our guests bringing in a birthday cake. If everyone brought in a cake, it would be an extra hour of guests sitting at the table eating their cake. They will need plates, forks, napkins, and staff to clean up after they leave. To help with these costs we ask for .25 cents to cover the paper products we supply simply passing on costs that we have paid for.  Guests also have the option of our real china for .50 cents a person because again our staff has to serve, clean up and our busboys have to wash all the utensils and plates.  …. And did you know you can bring in your own plates and not be charged at all???

We are very thankful for all our loyal customers and the business that we have. We do everything in our power to keep our costs low.  When someone posts negative comments without thinking about what they are posting, or the reasoning on the other side of the story, especially when they just had a great meal with great service, our management team decides that yes maybe its better if we do part ways to leave room for our guests we can cater too and appreciate the hard work it takes to stay in business in this competitive world.

In conclusion, We would like to thank you again for all your business, we have some great new items we are bringing in we can’t wait for you to try. We also have some great remodeling plans scheduled as well as new computer systems that should help make visits run smoother.  We will keep you posted.

Sincerely,  Dina